Offshore Program

We are excited to announce our off shore program. We introduced this service during January 2014, and it allows us to offer our existing customers, and potential new business, new products, including sublimated garments, as well as, being able to enhance existing products with additional features eg a flexiband in college shorts and trousers.

Here is a list of 10 service and product benefits with our off shore program.

  1. We give you the choice of purchasing locally made in Brisbane, or off-shore in Asia, from factories that specialise in the production of schoolwear.
  2. We visit our mills in Asia, as well as practice various measures of quality control in all stages of production.
  3. We offer you “Back Up Stock” for all the imported uniforms you require.
  4. Swap Stock : Rather than purchasing additional uniforms after back to school selling, the school will be given the opportunity to swap “over-stock” in their shops, with stock kept in our warehouse. Eg if a school has an abundance of size 6 on their shelves, they will be able to swap it for another size they may be running low on.
  5. We hold raw materials for our import range in Brisbane, in order to make special size garments at no extra charge to the school or the parent.
  6. If an import size runs out of our stock we will make it locally and sell to you at the import price.
  7. Ensure that only the labour cost of our imported uniform changes, not the garment, fabric or trims
  8. Deliver your top up orders in the Brisbane Metro area same day, in the run up to Back to school Term 1.
  9. If required our Account Manager will stock take our products in your school uniform shop before indent orders are placed to ensure accurate forecasting of demand.
  10. Monthly visits from your Skola account manager and twice yearly visits from the General Manager.

For more information, and to find out how Skola can help you, please phone Deanna on 07 3252 7233 or, email us at: